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Kazuhiro Uyama: Giant Snakehead Expedition

Back in April, we headed to the famous snakehead reservoir in Thailand for some filming on Fangbait series. Fangbait series, which is actually being released model by model at the moment, took us over one and half year of constant testing and prototyping to complete, but at the moment, I have confidence to say that it`s a prime weapon for any angler hunting for that fish of their dream. Fangbait series has a color line-up of 12 colors; some of them baitfish patterns, some of them standard colors like white, chartreuse, but for me “Red Tiger” is one of the most commonly used colors.


With the stained and muddy water, “Red Tiger” is indispensable and has much stronger appeal than chartousse to make fish angry and make them attack the bait. Most of the anglers do not use red or chartreuse in the clear water, but it`s simply a mistaken belief.


For fish like peacock bass down in Amazon, I have a tremendous track record with red color and it has proven itself to me time and time again.


Naturally chartreuse or natural colors work just as well, but for anglers who have never tried it, please open up your mind to the power of red. It will bring you a new experience and will widen your angling skills more again.