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Year of the Beast

The Fang Ops brand was commenced with a quartet of jerkbaits – two sizes, two depth – 120SR/DR & 140SR/DR.

The first two years for R&D primarily focused on these models and you could see them featured heavily in social media( and there has been some monster featuring videos too.

As you could see from another video from Thailand, Fangbaits are not the only products we are working on:

Yes, we have plenty more “beast-catchers” in work for you and here is a small peak.


There is only a few types of fishing which can top the adrenaline of watching your topwater lure be snatched, so with Fang Ops, we also make conquering surface realms one of the priorities. There will be a lot of poppin` and walkin` coming from Fang Ops in 2017 as we are working on a series of Popper and Pencil baits. I can not let you know much more yet, but staying true to the Fang Ops concept, they will be fully wired through with thickened ABS ready to handle any kind of beats that decides to take a bite.

We are also hiding a few more jewels for you(I`m sure that peacock looking swimbait got you pretty intrigued), so stay tuned. We are heading into year of the beast!