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Gong Lei

Age: 36

City: Shanghai

Country: CHINA

Occupation: Freelance

Favorite Style of Fishing: Power Fishing, Topwater, Big Bait & Swimbaits

Favorite Target: Papuan Black Bass, Tigerfish, Tarpon, Barramundi, Mandarin Perch, Yellowcheek

Favorite DUO Lure: Realis Onimasu, Realis Pencil 110

Best DUO Catch: 8kg Black Bass, 5kg Spottail Bass, 6kg Seabass, 7kg Yellowcheek

What you like about DUO lures: The innovation, the performance, the effectivity.

When did you start fishing: 1986

Dream place for fishing: Indonesia, Chongming Island, South Ameirca, Congo

Known as the “Little Master”, fish that Gong Lei chases can be described as anything but little. Starting fishing at the age of 7, Gong quickly found passion for trying to fool the fish to bite his lure. The world stays in awe of his casting skills and his trophy fish fighting skills which he tests on all kinds of predators ranging from his “trademark” Yellowcheek Carp through Skygazers all the way to giant Papuan Bass.