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Kazuhiro Uyama: Amazon Times


In December 2016, rainfall was higher than usual, so the water level was high and though the overall condition was not optimum, we traveled to Amazon Rio Negro River for FangPOP prototype testing, trying out the new colors of Fangbait, and also to shoot photos for catalogue usage.


Because of the rain and water level increase, the reaction to surface type FangPop was not great, though we still caught a couple of 4~5kg fish. When fishing for Amazon Peacock bass, rather than a high speed straight retrieve commonly known as “burning”, what proved to be more effective was a walking action with wild popping.


As I mentioned before, FangPop was designed to make it easy for anyone to perform actions such as popping, high-speed straight retrieve, dog walk and so on. So depending on the fishing location, situation and target predator fish, please feel free to adapt the usage and actions accordingly.


In addition, we tested numerous versions of Fangbait’s new color “Peacock Bass HD”, with holographs and without holographs, and over the summer will be introducing the most responsive color. It is both beautiful visually and a lure color that is “made to catch fish”. We will be including it in our color range for 2017, so keep your eye out for it.